how can i read tarot using a regular deck of playing cards?

how can i read tarot using a regular deck of playing cards?
i want to do a tarot reading using a normal deck of playing cards how do i do it?

Suggestion by Believe the Unbelievable
By using your imagination.

Suggestion by Freak Of Nurture
It really doesn’t matter much. Use whatever method you imagine to be best.

Suggestion by KEALY
P[ace cards in drawer. Ask your question. You don’t need cards.

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How do you read romance with playing cards?
My friend showed me a card trick that supposedly tells you if the person you like, likes you back. And the trick really interested me so I tried to look up tricks like it, but all that popped up was tarot reading crap. does anyone know any playing card tricks that read stuff like your romance?

Suggestion by Nick
soory, but all your friend did was make it up to see if you would fall for it.

Suggestion by Gaden
There’s No such thing. No one actually knows the future, not even Psychic people or clairvoyants.

Your friend Is imagining Things.

Suggestion by Scarlet MacBlu
It’s not a “card trick”… card tricks imply a sleight-of-hand illusion which is not what your freind was doing. What your freind did was divination with playing cards, which is no different then “all that tarot card crap”… if you don’t believe in tarot, then why would you believe that playing cards can do the same thing?

Honestly, if you want to learn how to read playing cards for divination, then search for “how to read playing cards.” There are several sites that can teach you the basics of how to do gypsy fortune-telling with playing cards and read them like tarot. It’s a fun and useful ability whether you take it seriously or not.

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  1. Mike December 4, 2012 at 6:33 am #

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