i need help reading tarot cards?

i need help reading tarot cards?
instructions it says to put the deck into 3 piles and then take 1 card and second card but it doesnt says if just stick to the pile on the left or take a card from each of the piles. oh and when we pick a card that represents us which one would i be because im a girl and im 16 so would i be a queen or the other one that i cant remember the name

Suggestion by Ella Blue Duchess of Cookieshire
The spread you’re doing is called The Three Card spread.

You’re supposed to take one card from each of the three piles.

Suggestion by SadharaSatguru

How you choose your significator, if you wish to use them that is, can be based on many things, astrological sign, colouring etc. So only you can choose.

Placing cards into 3 piles, from what your saying, is probably what you do after shuffling, you then put the pile that you feel drawn to on top & put other 2 piles under so you have a complete deck once again.

You can make up your own shuffling rules just as with significator, get some good books.

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Suggestion by Lori G
There is no real “proper” way to select the cards once they have been shuffled. Readers develop their own techniques according to what feels right for themselves. It’s nice if you can work out your own routine and stick to it as it then “sets the stage” for your reading but don’t think that there are rules that you HAVE to stick to.
A Queen generally represents a mature woman, but if that is how you “feel” then it could be right for you. If you feel quite young at heart then a Page might suit you better or even a Knight if you are not a particularly feminine “girly” type of person.

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How to read the Tarot Cards? (ONLY FOR PEOPLE WHO KNOWS ABOUT THIS!!)?
I know every pack of each Tarot Cards have its own instructions to understand their meaning. But, for some people it is easier to read and understand what the cards are saying. Are there easier ways to interpretate these kind of cards? . I have Rider Waite Cards.

Suggestion by SuZanadoo
There are variations, but all tarot is basically the same. You just follow a formula based on the suit and the numerology. The position in the layout tells you what it refers to. There is nothing supernatural involved.

Suggestion by PaulCyp
People do not “know” superstition. They are simply controlled by it.

Suggestion by thorndrose
Throw out the little white book. Now look at the cards, really LOOK at them. The rider waite has all sorts of symbols to tell you what the card means. Learn a little bit about symbolism and most tarot decks will become much easier to read.

Note: The way I learned was to learn a story for each of the majors and each of the suits. Then I had to put it into practice almost immediately. I don’t recommend that. icon biggrin i need help reading tarot cards?

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  1. Scarlet MacBlu November 5, 2012 at 1:28 pm #

    You don’t have to actually throw away the little white book, but you really should hide it somewhere when you are doing a reading… don’t read your spreads from the book, use the book only to study the cards, not to interpret readings. The book only gives you a vague list of some common traditional meanings of each card, it can’t read your spread for you. The best way to interpret tarot is to look at the actual cards and read directly from the images. The answers you get may not have anything in common with what the book says and that doesn’t matter. The point is to get your intuitive mind engaged in the reading.

    What is the person on the card doing? How is that person feeling? What would happen if you (or your seeker) were to behave in the same sort of way as the person on the card is behaving? Go from there.

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