What the hell is a pinnacle in numerology and how does it work?

What the hell is a pinnacle in numerology and how does it work?
The whole pinnacle thing has always confused me. Can someone break it down better than these numerology sites do.

Suggestion by George
From your Date of Birth Numerology can map out your life path and it’s seasons and cycles.

You have 3 cycles in your life. Youth, mid-life and your final years.
Numerology uses the astrological cycle of the moon which is approximately 28 years and 3 months to divide up your life into it’s 3 cycles.

Like the seasons in a year (spring, summer, autumn and winter) numerology also divides up your life into 4 Pinnacles.
The Pinnacle numbers also use the moon’s astrological cycle but only for the timing of the change over of 1st & 2nd pinnacle.
After this these pinnacles have 9 year cycles.

The Pinnacles effectively sub-divide your mid life into 2 parts giving you the numbers that describe the major changes you will face in these seasons.


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Do you know a website i can go to that teaches me about numerology?
I found a numerology site and it gave me a free mini reading, and it was accurate but then it asked me if i wanted to purchase in offer, i didn’t, i found out it was a scam b4 it was 2 late. But i was interested and wanted to know were a site is that has free quality information that teaches more about numerology. Do you recommend any specific sites?

Suggestion by mhiaa
www.numberslady.com- hope I remembered it correctly. It’s by Glyniss

Suggestion by Mia
Numerology is the study of the mysterious and hidden meaning of numbers and their relevance to our society and existence, Numerology grew as a branch of mathematics a more concrete and operational system of numbers. However, to use numerology successfully one must implement mathematical symbols, computations, and logarithms. This data forms a numerological chart that can explain one’s personality and predict their future.


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Learn you life path number

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